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18/19 Polar Pass

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NEW purchases only! If you already have a 17/18 Polar Pass, choose renewal products instead. Pass pricing is based on passholders age as of January 1, 2019.
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Join the Bear Valley family and get an 18/19 Polar Pass. The Polar Pass is our standard pass with no restrictions or blackout dates and comes with benefits and discounts on some Bear Valley products all year long. For a small amount you can save a lot and protect your investment by adding Pass Insurance. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Consider the alternative PEAKS Pass to save more money if you're planning to ride with your family and love perks that make each visit a perfect experience. The PEAKS pass is our highest-level pass with the GREATEST benefits.

Some Favorite Polar Perks:
  • Inspire a friend – 2 free unrestricted buddy tickets
  • 1 Discounted adult lift ticket per day – up to 20% off window rate
  • Discounted group lessons
  • Discounted lodge stay
  • NEW – Discounts on summer glamping & activities
Find details on perks and discounts here.

You can upload a photo for your season pass online. Just sign-in to with your username and password, select My Account and then select Upload Pass Photo.

Pass photos must be in color and a tight head shot taken against a white background, no hats or glasses please. If you are uploading your photo for the first time please contact us.
Season Pass Example

Pass pickup instructions:
  • ALL NEW pass purchases must have a picture taken and will need to check in with the Guest Services office when they arrive at the mountain.
  • ALL YOUTH AND UNDER passholders must get a NEW pass printed with a NEW picture taken – please check in with the Guest Services Office.
  • For any questions regarding Season Passes, please call 209.753.2301 ext. 777